” Vector field” summer 2019

Sitespecific installation ” Vector field” as part of:


Group exhibition in Visby and Uppsala,

an exchange project between Ateljéföreningen Milo (studios) and Ateljéföreningen Hospitalet, Uppsala.




Gotland Art Week 2018, Visby

“Huset, Trädet och Havet”

(The House, The Tree and The Sea)

Experimental exhibition of studio collective Milo. Reacting on the room and each others work.


Gotland Art Week 2015, Visby

projection of artwork details and performance/treatment “Colour Balancing” as part of a group exhibition in Milo studios. Studio doors were closed , except for a litle peephole.

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Visby Kulturnatten 2013, “Help the artist finish her paintings”, at Gocart Gallery.




Kulturnatten 2011 Visby, installation “Out of time”, Sankta Gertrud ruin

 DSC_2876HejDaNatt DSC_2874

2003 “Museum for archeofiction”;

a tiny museum where schoolkids could place their unexpected crop and write its fictitious history.

Artroute “reisgenoten in de kunst” (travel companions in art)

Vegetable patches for schools, Gouda, the Netherlands

upe26 (2)tuinhuisontwerptuinhuis ansichtkaart

2000, Installation and video “Foundation”

as part of “Plan Z”; a groupexhibition about the future of a former industrial area.

Nursing the foundation of a demolished building and all things growing in it.

Artspace Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem, the Netherlands

fundering5 fundering4 fundering2 fundering1

2002, “Freedom, free food and clear water”,

wallpaintings in holes in a church wall as part of a group exhibition “The temptation of saint Anthony”,

Antoniuskerk Utrecht, the Netherlands.

A funny detail: the paintings were officially named in a monument inspection report as an old fresco coming to the surface.

vissenbank vis2 vis1 antoniusoverzicht antoniusdetailvissenmonument